Going With a Purpose

Chris and Sandy Romero along with their three kids, Joshua (6) Jeremy (4) and Moriah (1) are no strangers to moving. Within the past year and a half they have made two big moves and are preparing now for their third. The Romero family has been undertaking these relocations with one purpose in mind: preparing themselves to “become equipped for His service with that ultimate goal of seeing the expansion of His kingdom amongst unreached people groups.” - Chris & Sandy.

The first transition for Chris and Sandy was moving their family of four from their hometown of Invercargill to Hastings. This was in order for Chris and Sandy to attend a year at Shepherd’s Bible College.

In January 2016 the Romero family left Invercargill with just themselves and what they could fit in their truck. They stepped out in faith, trusting that God would provide a house and furnishings.

After arriving in Hastings, it looked like it would be a difficult process to find and rent a house. However, within one day a local church community was able to find them a home to rent. Not long after that, the furnishings began to be dropped off at their new house. They were blessed and encouraged by how God worked through the local believers in an area unfamiliar to them.

While there, the Romero family also transitioned from a family of four to five, with the arrival of their daughter Moriah.

During this time they were also blessed with God’s provision of friends and time spent immersed in the word of God. July 2016 July 2016

Through the Bible College they were also able to find various ministries to assist with; from youth programs, to leading Bible studies to mention just a few.

Throughout their time of study, God continued to provide for Chris and Sandy to complete their studies. The couple found out towards the end of 2016 that Shepherd’s Bible College would be closing their doors at the end of the year. Although this could have interrupted Sandy’s plan to complete her studies, she was able to fulfill the courses online and worked diligently to finish.

Upon completion of their studies, the Romero family, once again, found themselves ready to take the next step of their journey. In January of this year Chris and Sandy and the children began the long trek back to Invercargill. With a trip north to Auckland first, visiting friends and family along the way they traveled around 2400 kilometers before reaching home.

While back in Invercargill Chris and Sandy aimed to re-solidify relationships and begin their visa applications. Earlier in 2016, as a result of many hours dedicated to paperwork and their studies, the Romero’s application to the ETHNOS Canada Missionary Training Centre, in Durham, was accepted.

The next seven or so months for the Romero family saw them attaining their much needed student visas to travel to Canada, and also the Lord’s provision and protection. There was a bit of a shock as their youngest, Moriah, had a small cold that quickly developed into pneumonia. Although her recovery was slow, she is now very close to normal health. Provision for work was also a blessing as Chris, a qualified builder, was able to work on the construction of a house in the months before the move to Canada.

Now, Chris, Sandy, Joshua, Jeremy and Moriah are in the midst of a bittersweet third transition to the other side of the world. As they say goodbye to beloved family and friends, they look forward to all that God will be accomplishing throughout their sixteen months in Canada. The Romero family are willing to go where God is leading them and are open to His plans for their ministry.

Please pray for this amazing family as they step out in faith once again. They will be departing New Zealand on the 20th of August and their official course dates begin August 28th.