A Lawa legacy

For retired missionaries Don and Janet Schlatter, a trip to Thailand was for more than just a visit with their daughter Mary Aspinwall.

Don and Janet worked with the Lawa people for many years. They have many dear friends who first heard the Gospel from Don and today are still following Jesus.

“Last weekend I was able to make the trip with my parents,” Mary wrote. “Our main purpose was to attend the wedding of a couple whose families we have known for years so that was very special to be there for that.”

While there Mary was able to visit with people she grew up with and saw a new church building being built in a Lawa village.

Mary and her parents attended the Sunday School and church services at the church where Mary grew up. They all had a wonderful time visiting with believers in the church where Mary grew up.

Don is going to make another trip to Lawa villages and will attend a conference for Lawa leaders. He was asked to be the speaker for the conference and intends to use an interactive study through the book of 2 Timothy to challenge the church leaders.

“It will be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with this group of people who are helping lead the rest of the flock,” wrote Mary. “God has blessed the Lawa church abundantly and there are thousands in over 20 churches who are seeking to reach others and bring honour to Him.”

Pray for Clark and Mary as they minister among the Bruu people and pray for Don and Janet as God continues to use them in the lives of the Lawas.