An Unspoken Message that Spoke Volumes

Committed Missionaries

The work among the Wana people wasn’t progressing. Maybe it was a lack of interest, maybe just plain hardness of heart against the gospel message. But for missionaries Steve and Linda Rosengren and their team partners, it was a difficult time. The discouragement was compounded many times over when the Rosengrens’ young son, Kevin, became ill and died.

But they were committed, and God provided the grace and strength to continue. They chose to return to the Wana village after burying their child. Their commitment spoke volumes to the tribal people: The message the missionaries have to share must be of great importance!

And a church was born.

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Fast forward 34 years, and that same commitment to seeing unreached people groups reached with the gospel is seen again. This time in the Wana church.

They looked beyond themselves at the unreached tribal groups in the surrounding mountains. But they did more than look.

“How are those people who live around us going to understand the Good News like we have?” asked Pak Esron, one of the Wana men. “I feel the churches here are able to reach out to those people.”

And so Pak Esron went. He, along with other Wana missionaries, hiked to remote villages, carrying whatever supplies they could on their backs. It wasn’t always easy, but they were committed.

Committed Donors

Stephen Pyle ready to fly.

But there were other villages even deeper in the mountainous regions. The use of the mission plane would be so beneficial.

Missionary pilot Steffan Pyle said, “We have the aircraft, we have the equipment, and we have the personnel that have all been positioned to support this kind of ministry that we’re talking about.”

But the flights were cost-prohibitive for tribal missionaries -- thankfully, not so to God.

If God could use committed missionaries to reach a tribal group, and a committed tribal church to reach the unreached beyond their village, He could use committed donors to provide precious flights for the tribal missionaries. And He did. And He continues to do so today.

Pray for tribal missionaries, and for the flight program that sustains them.

Would you like to find out how you can help with flights, or share the opportunity with others?

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Prayer Points for This Week

Monday: "We are just so thankful to God for His direction to come here to Mayo [Clinic], paving the way for us and allowing things to fall into place,” wrote missionaries Jon and Adie Leedahl. Shortly after writing that -- and 5 ½ months since the accident that resulted in the amputation of his leg -- Jon received a temporary prosthetic. Please continue to pray for Jon and Adie. Read their latest update … 

Tuesday: More than once, missionary pilot Brian Schaadt has landed the helicopter in a remote field to wait out the weather. “Typically when this happens, I spend my time making sure no one does anything to accidentally damage the aircraft. ... Then I listen to them tell me how to get there because they think I landed due to being lost.” You can imagine his surprise, when on one occasion the women brought him a hot cup of coffee. “It was a pleasant surprise,” Brian wrote. Not wishing to miss an opportunity, two days later he landed in the same spot to leave doughnuts and a printed out Tagalog gospel tract that he had made. Pray for more such opportunities. Read More ... 

Wednesday: “What excited me about New Tribes,” said missionary pilot Mike McGregor, “was the fact that I could do aviation by serving the church planting effort specifically. I felt like I could help with physical needs, but more than that, help with spiritual needs and make sure the gospel was getting to remote places that would have never had it otherwise.” Pray for safety as missionary pilots log many flight hours each month. Watch the video clip … 

Thursday: “After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines last year, the needs were overwhelming. But by faith, those needs were met,” wrote missionaries Ian and Julie Fallis. Ian wrote the lead article for the March issue of the NTM@work magazine. “Overwhelmed” clearly tells the story of meeting needs in faith, and NTM Aviation had the privilege of being key players in that story. Pray for the ongoing outreaches made possible by the relief effort. Read More ... 

Friday: Missionary pilots face a variety of challenges on a daily basis, but bees was not one that missionary pilot Brian Schaadt was expecting. But it happened. Landing on a rugged helipad in a remote tribal village, Brian had just unloaded the cargo when the tribal people became excited and started shouting out words that meant nothing to him. He had no idea what they were chattering about until the bees swarmed around him. A mad dash ensued to the resident missionary’s house. It ended well, but it may not have. He was able to fly out that day. Pray for missionary pilots as they face unexpected challenges. Read the rest of the story …