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Jason’s Prayer

Siawi Bible Translation

Hewa: I Still Scream When I See a Spider

Awayo — Fear to Faith

Gracia Burnham in New Zealand

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Ethnos NZ Introduction

A thriving church for every people. Ethnos NZ was founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission.

Celebrating 75 Years and Beyond

Celebrate with us as we praise God for all that we have seen Him do over the past 75 years and beyond. God is building His Church among every ethnos (tribe, tongue and nation).

Portrait of Ethnos360 // 75th Anniversary

The eyes are the window to the soul, it is said. These 'portraits' are just an example of the people Ethnos360 has been reaching for the last 75 years. Catch the vision of Ethnos360 through reading about how it started at

YembiYembi Unto the Nations

Documentary Film on the Busers journey to the YembiYembi tribe in Papua New Guinea.

Interface Missions Course

Interface is a six-week, college-level missions course in Papua New Guinea. It's for college students, married couples, singles, pastors, or anyone eager to know more about missions. Discover the heart of cross-cultural missions. Come face-to-face with unknown realities as you learn from missionaries in the field. Your life will never be the same.

The Nukak: Needing Christ, Needing Light

Ethnos360's Rosie Cochran interviews the team that is learning the language and culture of the Nukak people to plant a church among them. Read the full story:

First Step

With so many unreached people groups who need Christ, where do you send a church planting team? Learn more at

Shane: Repointed

Shane Cateriny's ministry with Ethnos360 is not simply working on a building. It's making sure there's a place fit for training people to go to unreached people. Watch the video about Shane's journey.

Help the gospel take off

Wana missionaries hike to remote villages to share the Gospel. Learn how you can help missionaries like the Wanas through aviation. Ethnos360 plants churches among unreached people groups. After missionaries teach the Firm Foundations Bible lessons in the tribes' own culture and language, the Bible is translated and tribal believers are discipled to lead the church and partner in the Great Commission.

Questions Linger After Victory

With the joy of a New Testament dedication comes uncertainty. Where do we find missionaries to disciple to reach the people group one village over? Ethnos360 seeks to plant mature churches among people who are isolated from the gospel. New Tribes Bible Institute provides a solid two-year Bible education as a foundation for missionary work.

Why Choose ETHNOS?

"We hereby pledge ourselves to...reaching the last unevangelized tribe in our generation." -- Covenant of Paul Fleming, Bob Williams and Cecil Dye, New Tribes Mission founders, August 1, 1942 Ethnos360 seeks to plant mature churches among people who are isolated from the gospel.


As a typhoon approached, their daughter became more and more ill. There was only one way for Danny and Philippa Brooks to get her out of the remote location where they serve as church planters, and that flight had already been cancelled. Find out how you can sponsor flights at

Fato's Story

Fato lived in fear of the spirits but Jesus came to the rescue and set him free. Hear Jonathan talk about the American Dream and watch his wife Susan talk about spiders. Ethnos plants churches among unreached people groups.

Below the Surface

Read more about the Dinangat people in the Ethnos360 magazine article "The Village God Remembered" here: The Dinangat people had Christian religious practices along with worship of their ancestors. Did the people need to hear about Jesus? A Dinangat leader, Areke, would tell you that they did need to hear about Jesus -- in their own language.

Ee-Taow: The Mouk Story

Combined Talaandig/Higaunon Church Camps 2019

To see more videos by the Howells visit their youtube channel: